Superhero Dreams turned Reality: Meet the Fastest Human in the World

I’m so excited to introduce you to Marc Hauser.

As a child, this man dreamt of one day becoming a superhero!

Little did he know that years later his dreams would be fulfilled when he jumped out of a hot air balloon right into the jet stream to become the first person to skydive inside these high altitude winds in history — as verified by Guinness World Records!

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I love to meet up with inspiring people, have a chat, exchange ideas, ask questions and simply hear their stories, learn their lessons, and then share the lessons from those who made their dreams come true with you on my blog!

Going forward, I will share more inspirational stories of people who turned their dreams into reality and will call it “Dream Walkers”, because they are the true imagineers of life!

And now, get ready to meet the real-life flying superhero, Marc Hauser!

Picture of Marc and me in Casino Bern, Switzerland

Dear Marc, thank you for taking the time to meet up and enjoy a beer together here in Bern!

Having heard about your story and how you make your somewhat “crazy” dreams like jumping into the jet stream happen, I got to admit I was deeply impressed and inspired and therefore so happy to have the opportunity to introduce you and your story to the readers of Financial Imagineer today!

Let’s skydive into Marc’s adventure of chasing the jet stream!

When did you start to dream BIG?

Matt | Financial Imagineer

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